Toxic VOC Testing

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Do paint odors and air freshener fragrances delight you? Be careful though. These are Volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

These gases come from household products such as cleansers, aerosol sprays and hobby supplies. And also from building materials and furnishings, copiers and printers, correction fluids, glues and permanent markers. 

VOCS are 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors and can even go up to 1,000 times higher at times. Health effects vary from no known to highly toxic health effects. It can be eye, nose and throat irritation. Or liver, kidney and central nervous system damage and even cancer. 

  • There was nothing too big or too little that they wouldn’t do for me. Unfortunately, when I bought my home the previous residents were negligent in divulging information about the house. I moved in in May and shortly after the basement flooded. In cleaning up that mess we found black mould in the ceiling from a previous leak. I found Ontario Mould Specialists online and after reviewing their site and their long list of certifications I gave them a call. The receptionist was just adorable and the owner got back to me right away. The owner Chris really cared about my issue and he found the problem right away. He totally, absolutely, 100% knew what he was doing. I felt so confident in him I didn’t seek out any other specialists. While working on the cleanup they found asbestos but they weren’t the least bit bothered, they knew how to remove it for me safely. They sealed the basement up, came in and removed the rotten drywall and insulation and then came in with liquid nitrogen and blasted the mould. There was nothing too big or too little that they wouldn’t do for me. I would recommend them without a doubt. I can’t praise them enough! I’ve even contacted Mike Holmes about them suggesting he do a feature about mould removal with them.
    Lynda – London, Ontario

We are air quality testing professionals, we will be pleased to do toxic VOC testing for you.

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