Mould Remediation Ontario

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All of the work we perform is guaranteed.

Once you have had our inspector to your home for your free visual assessment, the inspector would have given you a verbal quote and if requested a written quote, for the remediation.

At times there could be options on the removal depending upon various issues such as where the mould is, the size of the mould, as well as costs.

  • I want to clearly express how truly grateful I am to you, Patty, as well as Dave and Bruce and his team for working with me, through each and every step of the process, and helping me to finally accomplish all the work that was needed to be done in my house. In case you didn't know, OMS was the first company I contacted regarding mold remediation and because of the incredible customer service I received from you, Patty, and from Dave, I did not look any further. The customer service you both provided as well as the attention to detail consistently exceeded all my expectations. Plus you both answered all my questions multiple times with sincere patience! The same can be said of Bruce and his team who actually took care of the gutting of the entire basement as well as the mold remediation. When I met Bruce for the first time, my decision was once again confirmed that I had chosen the best company to do the work. It is very rare to find a company that provides a continuously high standard of customer service throughout the entire process, yet that is what I found with OMS! OMS is truly the only company that I would ever hire to work with to solve any mold issues in the house as well as for all the other services they provide such as gutting basements and cleaning out compromised spaces. The customer service is outstanding and the jobs completed are spectacular! There is only true relief and sheer gratitude that the whole process is completed with such efficiency and professionalism. OMS even offers a 10-year guarantee on the work provided as well as a 10-year manufacturer warranty on all the products used. There is simply no reason to hire any other company to do this work. I can now move on with getting my house restored to its original glory. I am so thankful that OMS was a huge part of that process. With sincerest thanks,
    Marianne - London

Our remediation may include setting up containment, using certified equipment, creating negative air pressure, hepa vacuuming and fogging with an antimicrobial when completed.

Some of the options could include removal of drywall in areas of non-supporting structures, abrasive or non-abrasive cleaning, dry ice blasting and chemicals.

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We are a Certified Microbial Investigator (CMI) and Certified Microbial Remediator (CMR) through the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC).

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